Tàladh Thròndairnis

le Niall Mathieson

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Ho-bhàn, bà , mo leanabh,
Ho-bhn, cadalan, m' eudail;
Ho-bhàn, bà , mo leanabh.

Eudail mo chrìdh',
tha thu sgìth measg nam blàthan;
Neòinean is dìthean
shnìomh thu àlainn.

'S caoin tha do ghnùis bheag,
mhic dhiùlnaich nam blàran;
'S àlainn 'na shùil thu,
rùin, a màireach

Dùin-sa do shùilean,
a mhùirnean 's a ghràdhain;
Slàn biodh do dhùsgadh,
Rùn do mhàthar.

My brother introduced me to this song which he found in 'Songs of Skye' collated by Christine Martin and published by Tigh an Teud. It notes that Niall Mathieson is said to have belonged to Trondairnis, but was living in Dundee when he composed this song. He wrote a number of songs, one of them Morag of Dunvegan.


Hovan, ba, my wee darling
Hovan, have a wee nap, my jewel,
Hovan, ba, my wee darling

Jewel of my heart, you are tired amongst the flowers
Daisies and marigolds (flower of the valley), you wove them beautifully

Your little face is tender, son of the hero of the battle fields
You are beautiful in his eye, dear, tomorrow

Close your eyes, cherished one, loved one
May your waking be healthy, Mummy's darling

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