Tàladh Chrìosd

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Mo ghaol, mo ghràdh, is m’fheudail thu
M’ ionntas ùr is m‘ èibhneas thu
Mo mhacan àlainn ceutach thu
Chan fhiù mi fhèin bhith ‘d dhàil

Aleluia, aleluia, aleluia, aleluia

My love, my dear, my darling boy
My holy treasure and my joy
My radiant sun, my Lord of Lords
Let me be worthy now

Aleluia, aleluia, aleluia, aleluia

Asses sleep and oxen sigh
Safe within my arms you lie
Blessed am I to hold you near
And feel your beating heart

Aleluia, aleluia, aleluia, aleluia

The Gaelic original of this song was written by Father Ranald Rankin in Moidart and he gave it to the children of his congregation when he departed for Australia in 1855. Margaret Fay Shaw notes in 'Folksongs and Folklore of South Uist' that the tune was originally a waulking song. She also records a number of the Gaelic verses. It is one of the few Christmas carols, or perhaps I should say Christmas songs, written in Gaelic.  This song is often referred to in English as the Christ Child's Lullaby.  This version has English words by Bob Pegg which reflect some of the feel of the original Gaelic words, emphasising their intimacy.  Sheena Wellington has recorded a different version with English words translated by Kenna Campbell from the original Gaelic.  It appears on her album "Clearsong" DUNCD012.

Translation of verse 1:

My love, my dear, my treasure (are) you
My new treasure and my joy (are) you
My beautiful fair son (are) you
I am unworthy to be near you

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