Gille Beag o (Wee Boy o) - traditional


Gille beag o, gille lag o                                         

(Wee boy, delicate boy)

Gille beag o, nan caorach thu (x2)                     

(Wee boy, you are of the sheep)


Gille nan caorachan, gille nan caorachan      

(Boy of the sheep, boy of the sheep)

Gille nan caorachan, gaolach thu (x2)              

(Boy of the sheep, you are darling)


A simple lullaby which I use in workshops to help demonstrate ways to give small children the association between heard rhythm and felt rhythm.  With small children, we can gently swing the whole child in rhythm, side to side in the verse the first time we sing it, round and round in the refrain and up and down the second time the verse is sung.  With larger children, face the child, holding both hands and follow the same pattern.  This song is the final track on my "Bairn's Kist" album, available to preview or download from iTunes:



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