Da Rabbit's Lullaby

(lyrics: Vagaland, melody: Larry Peterson)



Hushie ba, Fluffy

Hushie ba ba

Du's da best rabbit

(You are the best rabbit)

At ever I saa

(That ever I saw)


Verse 1:

Da nicht is dat caald;

(The night is that cold)

Du sanna geng furt.

(You shall not go forth)

Come here an A'll take

(Come here and I'll take)

Dee up i my skurt.

(You up in my skirt)


Verse 2:

Da kye an da hens

(The cattle and the hens)

Is aa ida byre

(Are alll in the byre)

An du sall sleep here

(And you shall sleep here)

At da side o da fire

(At the side of the fire)


Verse 3:

I kyin at du laeks

(I know that you like)

Da aald taatit-rug

(The old rag rug)

An dere du sall lie

(And there you shall lie)

Sae warm an sae snug

(So warm and so snug)


Verse 4:

Sae close du dy een

(So close you your eyes

An faa du asleep

(And fall you asleep)

Da moarn du sall get

(Tomorrow you shall get)

A piece o a neep

(A piece of a turnip)


"Vagaland" is the pen-name for poet Thomas Alexander Robertson, who was born in 1909 and grew up in Waas, on the South side of the mainland of Shetland.  The name comes from the Old Norse name for the area, incorrectly rendered as "Walls" by the Ordnance Survey.  He is considered by many to be the greatest Shetland poet of the 20th century.  His commitment to Shetland dialect is clear in his writing and in his other activities, such as the publication with John J. Graham of 'Grammar and Usage of the Shetland Dialect' and his involvement in founding the Shetland Folk Society.  He died in 1973, with "Collected poems of Vagaland" appearing in 1975, reprinted 1980.





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