kist (n.) Scots:

chest, anything from a wooden box for food storage to the special store of personal treasures and valuables.



kist o dreams and Bairn's Kist provide a resource for anyone interested in lullabies and children's songs from Scottish tradition.

If you are looking for the words to a half-remembered snippet of song from your youth, you may find it on this website.

If you are interested in hearing a selection of lullabies or children's songs, you can listen to some of the tracks here or on the CDs.
Scotland has a rich heritage of song, and lullabies and children's songs are integral to it.

The original kist o dreams CD presents a selection of 14 songs in Scots, Gaelic, Shetland dialect and English, spanning hundreds of years of Scotland's heritage.

The Bairn's Kist CD consists of a collection of 25 songs  - dandling songs, action songs and singing games, and a couple more lullabies too.